To receive a diploma from Diego Valley Charter School, students will need to complete the the following requirements:

1. All students are required to successfully complete 215 credits for graduation.

2. Included in the requirement above are the CORE CURRICULUM classes:
• Four courses in English (40 credits)

• Three courses in Math, including Algebra (30 credits)

• Three courses in science, w/10 credits of Health (30 credits)

• Three courses in social studies, including World History, U. S. history, American Government and Economics (30 credits)

• One course in visual arts or performing arts or foreign language or American sign language (10 credits)

• Two courses in physical education, unless the student has been exempted pursuant to Education Code 51241 (20 credits)

  • Elective Credits Required (55 Credits)

3. A student shall complete a minimum of 10 credits while enrolled at Desert Sands Charter High School in order to be eligible to graduate from Desert Sands. Even if a student has completed 215 credits and has met or not met the CORE CURRICULUM requirement he/she must still complete the 10 credit minimum requirement.

4. Effective January, 2006, all students will be required to successfully complete the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). Supplemental instruction toward passing the exit exam shall be available.

Written By:
Abi Lawrence