At Diego Valley East Charter School, we understand that every student is different. Each student has different learning styles, different backgrounds. The struggles and successes vary from one student to the next. We do not subscribe to the idea that ‘one size fits all.’

Teachers are trained to get to the core of each and every student. Find out what makes them tick. Learn their back story. Understand how each student learns. As a result, our teachers do more than educate. They are counselors. Mentors. Role Models.

Our goal is to reach as many students as we can and help them work toward their goal of graduating high school. But it doesn’t end there. Many of our students are college bound. We will help them get there. Many of our students want to enter the workforce as soon as possible. With our Career Technical Education program, we will teach them the skills they need to provide for their families after graduation.

Diego Valley East Charter School provides a safe, secure campus where students can learn in a controlled environment. Courses are taught by highly qualified, credentialed, and supportive teachers trained to meet the needs of each student.

Written By:
Abi Lawrence